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  • Adhika maasa is an additional month in the Hindu calender. 
  • Hindu calender is based on the lunar cycle which contains 354 days in a lunar year'
  • The solar cycle contains 365 days
  • There is a difference of 11 days between the two cycles and this accumulates to full month or 29 days roughly every 32 months. 
  • So Adhika maasa occurs  every 32 months,16 days and 8 ghadis.
  • Adhika maasa is considered to be  an auspicious month for giving daanas
  • Since adhika maasa comes once in 33 months, 33 deities each one representing a form of Vishnu are invoked. Hence the  significance of #33.
  • This maasa is also known as Purushothama maasa.

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