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Haldi(Arshina) and Kumkum  are the two auspicious items used in our daily pujas, festivals and  weddings. They are a  part and parcel of most of the  rituals conducted during   worship . The combination of Haldi Kumkum  denotes  prosperity.They are symbols of feminity and  devotion.


Significance of Haldi Kumkum

  • Haldi or Turmeric is considered a natural antiseptic which removes negative 
  • Kumkum is normally made from Haldi by mixing it with slaked lime to give  a  red colour and this  colour is  supposed to remove evil effects
  • Both Haldi Kumkum have positive energies in them  which make them a  must in  all pujas.
  • In ladies , they are considered as symbols of her  marital 
  • Haldi and Kumkum are religiously very significant and provide health benefits 
  • Haldi is also a natural cleanser and is considered to be a purifier.


Usage of Haldi Kumkum

  • Daily Pujas and Rituals

Haldi Kumkum is  a primary item in all daily pujas   and  rituals. Nithya  puja to Ganesha, Gowri and Lakshmi is done  by applying haldi kumkum to these   deities. Also Haldi kumkum is  applied to the doorstep or hosilu in all households which is  considered auspicious.

  • Festivals

Offering Haldi kumkum to the deities is   a part of Shodashaupachara puja in all festivals. Also in Gowri puja  festival, haldi is used to make the gowri,called Arshina Gowri. Arshina Gowri is normally worshipped.

Kumkumarchane is  conducted in Devi temples on a regular basis. Also during festivals,ladies perform the kumkumarchane to the  goddess.

Also in all festivals   and functions , married ladies  are invited for Thamboolam.They are offered haldi kumkum and  other mangala dravya. This is   supposed to be  very sacred and  a significant ritual. It bestows  long life and  prosperity to the  entire family.


Haridrancha daaridra hare, kumkumancha Madhwa priye, sukumdehi, sukumnaasti Bhagirathi namahstute. Ithi Sri Haridra stotra sampoornam.



                                              Courtesy:Hindu Wedding clip art

  •  Weddings

Haldi ceremony is  an important function in weddings. Haldi paste is  applied to the  groom  and  bride in specific ceremonies held  before the marriage rituals start.. This is supposed to ward off  evils  and cleanse the skin .Haldi is known to add radiance to the  skin so that the  bride  and  groom look glowing on their  wedding day. Haldi kumkum is  also applied by the  groom to the  bride during the   wedding ceremonies which symbolizes her  marital  state.

Even wedding invitations are smeared with haldi kumkum paste which is  considered auspicious.

Akshatha which is  whole grained rice is normally prepared by mixing rice  with haldi and kumkum. Akshatha is  used in puja rituals. They are considered to attract strong vibrations from the  primary deities and are offered as  apart of Shodashaupachara  puja.

Akshatha is  also used to bless the  bride  and  groom during weddings,normally thrown on their heads by the people present.

Haldi kumkum is offered to the  ladies present in weddings. To add a  dash of creativity ,haldi kumkum is offered in various decorative  shapes  during weddings.





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