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Pooja Bells or Ghante as it is  referred is an important part of any ritual in pooja. Almost any pooja starts with the  ringing of bells. It is  believed that Gods reside in these  bells making it very  essential to ring them in  all poojas and  also in temples.


Importance of Ghante


  • An auspicious sound producing instrument used in temples and during poojas  conducted at home.
  • The sound of the  bells are said to energize the  Chakras in our bodies.
  • Negative energies are expelled and one  tends to focus on the 
  • The brass and bronze  bells are also supposed  to produce the  sound ‘OM’ which radiates positive  frequencies  all around.
  • The bells hung in temples are of great significance as they produce an echo which is not only absorbed by the vigraha installed, but the  vibrations engulf the  entire place  causing an healing effect to the body and  the mind.
  • The jagante is a form of bell used in poojas and  sounded  during aarathis to God, thereby removing negative 
  • Doors of pooja rooms have  small bells fixed to them which  adds   positivity to the homes.
आगमार्थं तु देवानां गमनार्थं तु रक्षसाम् ।
घण्टारवं करोम्यादौ देवताह्वान लाञ्छनम् ॥

Constituents of a Bell

  • Bells are normally crafted with metals like brass and their  They are available in shapes and  sizes.
  • The body represents ‘Ananta’ while the tongue represents Goddess Saraswathi and the  handle represents Shakti.
  • The handle of the bell is linked to various symbols like  Lord Anjaneya, Nandi, Shankha and 
  • Temple bells are big and hung in front of the Garbhagudi. They produce larger sounds which resonates the entire place.
  • Jagante is another form of bell in the  shape of a plate made  from bronze. The sound is  produced by striking the plate  with a  stick made of wood.
  • The hanging bells in the doors of pooja  room are made of metal.
  • Tibetan bells have exquisite designs with a greater resonance



Thus bells play an important role in the pooja’s and the soothing effects harmonise the mind to focus on the greatness of God. Let the auspicious chimes of the bells bring us  closer to the Divine….

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