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             Our culture encompasses many religious  activities and Puja is one of them. Puja is  essentially worshipping deities to seek their  divine  blessings,performing certain rituals with the  necessary puja items. Puja  rituals  are conducted on a daily basis, during Festivals, Weddings, Gruhapravesh,Namakaran  and in Homa specific to certain situations.

            There are innumerable puja items ranging from the  regular  puja  stuff like Haldikumkum,Agarbathi to Brass and Copper vessels like Diyas,Plates,Stands,Cups to Puja Idols, to Puja wear like Dhotis, to Puja Books  and  CDs. Festival related puja items  are specific and  so are Wedding related items.

Don’t you think it would be  Great if You get all these items under one roof?

Well ,you are at the  Right place!

Walk your way into Pooja Prapancha- A One Stop Shop for all your Puja  Needs.

5 Strong Reasons That  Makes You Shop at Pooja Prapancha

  • An omnichannel presence with both Online and Offline shopping

          The city of Bengaluru has  a rich cultural heritage and  the  traditional Pujas              and  Customs have  their strong roots there.

          You can have wonderful instore experience at our Retail outlet in Bengaluru


           Shop online  from the comforts of your homes.


  •  Seamless shopping experience to Tempt your Eyes and Tickle your Hands.

            The traditional Puja items like Haldi Kumkum, Agarbathi, Cotton wicks for 

             Deepa, Dhoop, Camphor, Oil, Ghee,Brass and  Copper Puja  vessels like

             Diyas, Plates ,Stands  and  Cups. Puja Idols  for  worship and  gifting or it

             could be  traditional Cotton Dhotis for Puja  wear. Puja Books  and CDS to

             help you perform pujas. Lots of Decorative  items to spruce your 

             Festivities and  last but not the  least a  plethora of Wedding related

             Decorative items.


  • A traditional Aura of Divinity that Welcomes you inside.

          A unique marker board at the  entrance  that highlights Panchanga  details 

          of Samvatsara, Maasa, Paksha ,Thithi and  Nakshatra,updated on daily 


         A subtle background score of music ringing in happiness together with an 

         aromatic whiff  of flavoured Agarbathi to drive off negative  energies.

  •  Customised sets and Gifting options

        Unique conceptual designs and Customised products related to Wedding


        Order in bulk for your gifting requirements for functions  and Weddings   

        Systematic ordering method adopted for Weddings and  Functions to     

        enable   timely deliveries of products.


  • Choice of Payment options


           Pick quality and  affordable items and  get them billed at our  counter.

           Creditcard/Debit card and  other UPI payment modes  accepted.

           While  shopping online, payments  are accepted only after a  check on the

           availability of the items  and  the corresponding courier charges are

           confirmed. Risk free options to serve you better.


What does Pooja Prapancha Have To Offer

Religious rituals require a number of Puja  articles, be it for Daily puja,Puja  during  Festivals, Wedding rituals, Homas or other occasions like  Birthday,Namakaran,Gruhapravesh etc.


We cater to the  following Categories of Items


  • General Puja Grandhige items.
  • Brass and Copper Puja 
  • Brass and Panchaloha Idols for worship.
  • Wedding related decorative items for  various events.
  • Traditional Puja wear.
  • Puja Books and  CDs
  • Customised kits for Weddings, Festivals and functions.
  • Gifting options for Weddings  and  Festivals
  • White metal stands for Puja
  • Tulasi, Rudraksh and Spatika Maalas.


  So if you have a Wedding coming up or a Puja to be conducted,drop in

 @ Pooja Prapancha

     47/1, Subbarama  Chetty road




 and indulge in hassle free shopping!


 Unable to find time to shop for your Puja  needs or there is  a Wedding in the family fixed  at a short notice. You are just a  click away from us.

Shop at


 And get  your stuff delivered to your homes , safely and  on time.


Keep your  Religion and  Rituals going………

Count on Pooja Prapancha for Online/Offline  Shopping!


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